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We understand just how important it is to keep the exterior of your property looking great. Over time, driveways can become tired looking, block paving slabs or bricks can become cracked and general wear and tear can leave it needing a lot of repair work. However, there is an alternative solution to driveway paving that we can bring to you that will ensure that your home and driveway looks good all year round.

For driveways in Dublin, you can choose our exceptional gravel driveways service that comes backed with our experience and knowledge. Our service offers an assurance that you are using Paving Contractors known for Gravel Driveways in Dublin, designed and installed to give your home real kerb appeal as well as a high standard of finish and an exceptional level of practicality. A change from traditional driveway paving.

Gravel driveways are an affordable way to transform the appearance of your home while leaving you with a driveway that is almost maintenance free.
Our complete service is delivered by an experienced team who determine your specific needs, taking into consideration many other aspects such as the style of your home and the type of gravel you require ensuring that it blends in seamlessly with your home. Through choosing our service, we guarantee that our level of professionalism and workmanship that delivers gravel driveways and patios that give your home a new lease of life.

Gravel with Cobble Apron

Attractions of Gravel Drives Dublin

Gravel driveways are an attractive option for many because of the way in which the can completely alter the look of any property. With a wide range of gravel available in a vast array of colours and sizes, it is possible to find something to fit your specific needs.

Our service also makes it possible to create a bespoke design that you will not find anywhere else, giving you a driveway that is unique and exclusive to you.

If your tarmac drive is beginning to lift or if you are tired of having to jetwash your paved driveway every few months, then a gravel driveway is certainly a great option. It requires very little maintenance but the impact that it has is instant. Leaving you with more time to spend admiring your home instead of having to continually keep your driveway looking good.

If you are thinking of having a gravel driveway installed, then we are here to assist you. We can make your dream of having the perfect driveway a reality and it takes very little time. Everyone has a different reason for having a gravel driveway installed but after each installation, our clients are always impressed with the finished product.

Pros and Cons of Gravel Driveways

There are many reasons why you would consider having a gravel driveway installed and with so many advantages, it is clear to see why so many of our clients have chosen us to install their gravel driveway. So, what are the benefits of having a gravel driveway?

Golden Gravel with Granite Apron

They offer a level of security

Believe it or not, a gravel driveway is actually a good security measure. When they are walked on, they do make a noise and so, it can alert you to anyone coming to your home. That characteristic crunching sound is unavoidable, whether it is someone on foot or someone in a vehicle, you will know that they are on your property.

Gravel Driveways – They Look Great

With so many styles and colours available, there is a type of gravel out there for everyone. This enables you to pick a certain type of gravel that meets your specific needs and works with the style of your home.

It is a Permeable Surface

If you have a driveway that floods or holds water, a gravel driveway will allow water to drain away naturally.

Instant Transformation

Laying a paved driveway or a tarmac driveway can take a lot of time and the results are not as quick. Installing a gravel driveway is quick and instantly transforms your home, giving it a fresh and brighter look.

Easy to Maintain

The great thing about gravel driveways is that they require no effort to maintain. Unlike other forms of driveway that require washing and brushing, a gravel driveway remains looking the same from the moment it is installed. Every now and again you will need to give it a rake to even it out but even that is not an effort and once or twice a year, you can put down some weed killer.

Of course, there is always a disadvantage to anything of this nature and although a gravel driveway comes with a huge number of advantages, there is one minor issue that you will have to deal with which is the shifting of the gravel over time. This shift and movement will mean that your driveway will need to be filled in periodically. However, this is not as big a problem as a driveway that is filled with grime or a driveway filled with cracks. When the time comes, if your driveway needs a quick fill, why not give us a call, we can take care of it.

Gravel Driveway with Sandstone Dublin

Our Process

We take great pride in our service and the way in which we work and so, our service is designed around your needs.
There is a process involved in laying a gravel driveway and our experienced team will take care of every aspect. It is not a simple case of pouring the gravel on to of the topsoil because it requires careful preparation.

We work to remove the topsoil to a level that is right for your needs and then we install a membrane to prevent the gravel from being lost to the earth below and a sub-base. We then lay a weed membrane to prevent weeds before laying the gravel. We always a adopt best industry practice and our team of experts are trained to the highest level.

Contact The Paving People

Whatever your driveway needs might be, we are here for you. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the gravel driveways in Dublin we have completed for other satisfied customers. If you have any driveways and patios queries, or you are looking for landscaping advice then get in touch with us today. We can provide you with professional advice and a no-obligation quote promptly.

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