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Looking for top contractors for paving in Dublin to handle your driveway paving construction including block paving, gravel driveways, patio paving, tarmac driveways and other landscaping construction projects?  The Paving People have been providing excellent paving services in County Dublin for more than 18 years. They are completely reliable in the services they provide.

All their construction projects come with 7 years guarantee and are completed by a trained staff comprising of the best paving construction specialists. Their paving services include: Driveway paving, block paving, gravel driveways, patio paving, tarmac driveways and many more.

Driveway Paving

What’s the essence of having a driveway? Apart from the ease of access it provides, there are other benefits to be derived from a good driveway; Paving your driveway makes your property a lot more attractive. A good driveway, coupled with some landscaping can make your property really standout in your neighborhood, and if you invest in property, having a driveway also increases the resale value of your property, awesome right? There are various driveway types you can choose for your property, with The Paving People paving experienced in constructing them all. Some of them have been previously mentioned and will be briefly examined below..

Block Paving

Block paving simply means paving with bricks. The bricks can be laid in an array of decorative patterns and in different colors. This paving method is very economical and easy to maintain; any damaged brick on the driveway can be replaced without the need to replace all the other bricks. The Paving People possess vast experience in laying high quality and attractive block paved driveways across Dublin.

Gravel Driveways

Gravel is a fantastic material to use for a driveway. While gravel typically means broken rocks, 2.5 inches or less in diameter, gravels used in driveways are usually mixed with other materials like huge rocks, sand and clay. These materials are then laid in layers; the big rocks make up the first layer, followed by a layer of smaller rocks before the final layer made up of gravel is laid. Each layer is compacted so that everything stays in place and to ensure that they stick together when they are laid. Gravel driveways usually have a very long lifespan wherever they are used and are very easy to maintain. The Paving People paving provides the best gravel driveway construction in Dublin.

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways are a major type of driveway that you can choose to beautify and improve the functionality of your property. It offers a permanent solution to faulty driveways that get muddy and full of potholes after a rain. It is highly durable and requires little long-term maintenance when compared to other driveway paving methods. Tarmac driveways are super easy to install, extremely weather resistant and very cheap. With a tarmac driveway, you can expect to use it for as long as 15 years before ever needing to carry out maintenance activities. It also gives your property an appeal that other driveway paving methods cannot provide. The Paving People paving has the expertise and experience to help you install a functional tarmac driveway on your property.

Patio Paving

A patio is an essential part of a modern and functional residential property. It is an outdoor extension of a property used for dining and other recreation purposes. They are usually roofed or unroofed paved areas. Having a patio on your property can significantly raise its perceived value and flexibility.

Types of Patio we install

Block Paving

Patios can be paved with different materials ranging from block paving, and stone paving, to concrete paving. Paving your patio with bricks can add a decorative touch to your home with the various patterns available to choose from. Block paved patios also have an advantage of cheap maintenance, it won’t cost you a lot to replace any broken brick(s) in your patio.

Natural Stone

You can also choose elegant natural stone. Natural Stone paving offers an alternative to the other paving options and it can add that exquisite look to your patio. If you are looking for an outdoor appeal to your patio, natural stone paving blends perfectly with the outdoor environment and can provide a more attractive appeal to your patio and lift the general feel of your outdoor setting.

However, it is more expensive than the other paving options and it requires people with specialized skills; stonemasons and other experts to help you lay the paving. This option could be unattractive if you are looking to minimize your construction costs. Natural Stone paved patios can also create an irregular feel since the stones do not have a uniform size. It also requires general maintenance and frequent attention to keep it clean and free from dirt.

Paving Contractors

There are many paving contractors you can choose from in Dublin; but for reliability, dependability and an excellent Paving and Landscaping service, choose The Paving People. With over 18 years of delivering top notch driveways and patios paving services across County Dublin. Your next driveway, patio or landscaping deserves the best. Call the Paving People today for your paving in Dublin and landscaping needs.